BBVA Credit Cards

Christmas big, payment little by little

Smooth your expenses this Christmas.

Use the BBVA Credit Card (14.5% APR) and split your payments, over €50, for up to 36 months.

Enjoy a discount on the purchase of solar panels and start to save on your electricity bill
Learn more about the partnership between BBVA and Contigo Energia, which offers you special conditions on the purchase of solar panels.
BBVA Club + advantages

The BBVA Credit Card gives you access to more than 200 brands with exclusive discounts of up to 50% in a wide selection of categories.

The discounts can be direct or as cashback, which you can accumulate and use or transfer to your BBVA account linked with the BBVA Credit Card.

You only have to be active on the Digital Channels.

Customer Support Measures

Find out what BBVA can do for you

BBVA Club + advantages

More than 200 brands with discounts of up to 50% that help you save in your day-to-day.

Personal Loan

Make your projects a reality. (12.35% APR)

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