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reached the top for the
2nd consecutive time

BBBVA PPR Investment Strategy
Recognized with the "Right Choice" seal by Deco Proteste in PPR funds with 50% or more in shares.
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BBVA Sustainable Moderate ISR
Recognized with the "Best Open Pension Fund at Risk 4" award at the Jornal de Negócios/APFIPP Best Funds Awards - 2023
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Get a discount on solar panels and start saving on your electricity bill

Learn more about the partnership between BBVA and Contigo Energia, which offers you special conditions on the purchase of solar panels.

BBVA Club + advantages

The BBVA Credit Card gives you access to more than 200 brands with exclusive discounts of up to 50% in a wide selection of categories.

The discounts can be direct or as cashback, which you can accumulate and use or transfer to your BBVA account linked with the BBVA Credit Card.

You only have to be active on the Digital Channels.

Customer Support Measure

Exceptional legal regime for the redemption of savings plans without penalty

Law no. 19/2022 of 21/10, as amended by the State Budget Law for 2024.

Learn about the new rules on redemption of retirement savings plans (PPR - planos de poupança-reforma), education savings plans (PPE - planos de poupança-educação) and retirement savings/education plans (PPR/E - planos poupança-reforma/educação). Exceptional regime until 12/31/2024.

Extraordinary and Temporary Support Measure - Temporary Mortgage Subsidy

Decree-Law no. 20-B/2023 of 22/03, amended by Law no. 56/2023 of 06/10 and Decree-Law no. 91/2023 of 11/10.

Learn more about support measures for Customers with credit agreements for the acquisition, renovation, or construction of permanent home ownership. In effect until 12/31/2024.

Exceptional and Temporary Support Measure - Temporary Payment of Benefits

Decree-Law no. 91/2023 of 11/10.

Learn more about the measure to temporarily fix mortgage repayments for a period of two years, relating to mortgages for the purchase or construction of owner-occupied housing.

Mortgage Loan Support Measures

Decree-Law no. 80-A/2022 of 25/11, amended by Law no. 25/2023 of 29/05 and Decree-Law no. 91/2023 of 11/10.

Decree-Law no. 80-A/2022 ceased to be in force on 12/31/2023, with the exception of its article 7, meaning the exemption from the partial or total early repayment commission remains in force until December 31, 2024

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BBVA Club + advantages

More than 200 brands with discounts of up to 50% that help you save in your day-to-day.

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