BBVA blue Account

It's time to start planning your child's future. 

An account with your child's future in mind.

in account maintenance fees.


BBVA blue Account

Minimum opening amount of €50.

At age 11, we issue them the BBVA Antes Blue debit card.

Access to BBVA Blue Savings.

At age 16, we issue them the BBVA Agora Blue debit card.


See the features of the BBVA Blue Account.
  • Take advantage of the BBVA Blue Account and give your child a brighter future.

    BBVA blue Account

    Open a BBVA Blue Account and enjoy all the advantages:
    • No account maintenance fee.
    • No fee for cash withdrawals over the counter.
    • When your child turns 11 years old, we issue them the BBVA Antes Blue debit card with no annual fee.
    • When the account holder turns 16, he or she will be given the BBVA Agora Blue debit card with no annual fee.
    • This account gives access to BBVA Poupança Blue, which allows you to make the most of your child's savings with excellent interest rates.

Access Conditions

Learn how to get a BBVA Blue Account.
  • See how to give your child a world of advantages.

    BBVA blue Account

    • Individualsbetween the age of 0 and 17.
    • The minimum opening amount of this account is €50 (fifty euros).
    • When the account holder reaches the age of 18, the BBVA Blue Account will become the BBVA Maisblue Account, and the applicable conditions will be those set out in the SIS (Standard Information Sheet) in force on the date of conversion and available for consultation on

Costs and fees

See the Costs and Fees of the BBVA Blue Account.
  • In your BBVA Blue Account
    • €0 in account maintenance fees.
    • €0 fee for cash withdrawals over the counter.
    On your cards


See here the relevant documentation for the BBVA Blue Account here.

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