Retirement solutions

Because retirement is a very important stage in life, we should start to plan for it early.

Retirement Solutions

It is important to save for your retirement.

Discover the different alternatives we have for you, starting at €25/month.

Every month, little by little, and without burdening your financial responsibilities, supplement your pension through a flexible long-term savings plan that is suits your needs.

Plan your future!

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Design your retirement with someone who knows how!

Open Pension Funds, available from €25/month.

Active and flexible management solutionsthat allow you to generate increasing long-term savings and that will give you the comfort you need for retirement.

Every month, little by little, supplement your retirement starting at €25/month.

Design your retirement with someone who knows how!

  • BBVA Multiativo Moderado

    The Fund aims to increase capital in the medium/long term through a flexible investment strategy focused on diversification and risk control, by investing global bond and stock markets.

  • BBVA Multiativo Conservador

    The Fund aims to increase capital in the medium/long term through a flexible investment strategy focused on diversification and risk control, by investing in global bond and stock markets.

  • BBVA Sustainable Moderate ISR

    BBVA Sustentável Moderado ISR is designed for medium/long-term capital growth through a flexible approach to investments, focused on diversification and risk control. It invests in global bond and equity markets directly or indirectly through UCITS units, with different strategies, including absolute return strategies. 


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Warnings to the investor

  • There is no capital or revenue guarantee in the following BBVA pension funds.
  • In BBVA Open Pension Funds, Multiativo Conservador, BBVA Multiativo Moderado, and BBVA Sustentável Moderado ISR, redemptions are only allowed under the legally prescribed conditions. In the case of BBVA Reforma Poupança Funds, BBVA Estratégia Capital PPR, BBVA Estratégia Acumulação PPR, and BBVA Estratégia Investimento PPR, redemptions are allowed at any time, subject to the applicable tax penalty and redemption fee, as defined in the Key Investor Information and in the Management Regulations, in accordance with the legal terms.
  • Subscription, redemption and transfer fees may apply.

BBVA Mediación, Operador de Banca-Seguros Vinculado, S.A., under code OV-0060 and registered with the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority (ASF), as evidenced on the ASF website, is the entity responsible for marketing the BBVA Pension Funds, as broker of open pension funds, using the distribution network of Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA, Portugal Branch. Key Investor Information and Management Regulations are available at any BBVA Branch, on,, and

Why BBVA Reforma retirement solutions?
How do you see yourself tomorrow? BBVA Reforma Solutions are a savings vehicle to help you can save little by little, month after month, and secure a more comfortable future for your retirement without having to change your current and future habits.

Tools that help you plan your contributions so that you can enjoy the standard of living you desire in your retirement.

Information, analysis, and perspectives on pension systems adjusted to the profile of each person, with the aim of contributing to the knowledge of citizens.

Both scenarios offer tax advantages, and the difference essentially lies in terms of money provision and repayment.


Ask us how. We help you make the best decisions.

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