BBVA Maisblue Account

An account to make your day-to-day easier!

A fee-free account.

Account maintenance fee.
No online transfer costs.

If you are between 18 and 29, this is the account for you.

BBVA Maisblue Account

Free online SEPA + credit transfers.

Minimum opening amount of €50.

Access to digital tools that allow you to handle everything without having to go to the Bank.


Discover the features of the BBVA Maisblue Account.
  • An account with many other advantages

    BBVA Maisblue Account

    If you are between 18 and 29 we have full of advantages: 
    • You can do all your banking transactions quickly and safely through the BBVA Mobile app or home banking. SEPA + credit transfers are free. 
    • Using BBVA Secure Mail, a feature of BBVA's digital channels, you can digitally sign all the documentation we send you without having to go to the bank.
    • We issue you the BBVA Antes Blue Debit Cards (pre-paid) and BBVA Blue Agora Card with no annual fee, as long as you keep your email and mobile phone information up-to-date.
    • When paying with the BBVA Debit Card on the MB WAY app, you pay no fees.
    • You can now use your debit cards to make Contactless payments. This mechanism makes payments of up to €50 quicker, as you only need to place your card near the automatic payment terminal and do not need to enter your PIN.

    And if you already have a job, there are even more benefits:

    • If you receive your salary in this account, you can enjoy an  Authorized Overdraftlimit of up to 100% of the amount you receive each month (APR of 12.4%).
    • Valid for salaries of over €500.

    Wherever you are, your bank is here for you

    Even if you are far away, your designated adviser will always be there to resolve any doubts you may have. Talk with him or her via the chat on our digital channels, video call, email or telephone, during extended hours (9 am to 6 pm) all week long.

    Through our digital channels, home banking and the BBVA Mobile app, you can conduct all your operations, monitor your accounts and investments, and manage your cards.

    Using the Secure Mail feature, you can sign all documents sent to you by your adviser, no matter where you are. 

Access Conditions

See how you can sign up for the BBVA Maisblue Account.
  • Get more out of your account.

    BBVA Maisblue Account

    • For people between 18 and 29 years old. 
    • The minimum opening amount of this account is €50.
    • When you turn 30, the Maisblue Account will become the BBVA Account or the BBVA Ordenado Domiciliação Account, depending on the eligibility conditions, and the conditions applicable to each of the accounts will be the ones contained in the respective SIT in force at the date of conversion and available for consultation at

Costs and fees

Consult the Costs and Fees of the BBVA Maisblue Account.
  • In your BBVA Maisblue account
    • €2/month account maintenance fee (plus stamp duty).
    • €0 online SEPA+ credit transfers through our digital channels.
    On your cards


See the documentation related to the BBVA Maisblue Account.


Nominal APR de 11.300%, which corresponds to an APR of 12.4%, with a maximum authorized overdraft of €15,000 and a monthly interest payment on the first working day of the following month. Example: for an overdraft of €1,500 for 90 days, corresponding to an interest of €42.39, plus €1.71, with exemption from stamp duty on credit use, and no interest charged for amounts lower than €0.50.

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