Cycle of debates on sustainability

Sustainable finance, energy transition, smart cities, and biodiversity are some of the topics to be addressed during the EcoTalks.

The 2nd installment of ECO Talks, the cycle of debates on sustainability, a partnership between BBVA and ECO, is now available, featuring the guests Jorge Borges de Araújo, from APESEnergia, and João Almeida, from Têxteis J.F. Almeida.

Make sure to catch the first installment between Luís Castro e Almeida (CEO of BBVA in Portugal) and António Costa (Publisher of ECO) on sustainable finance.

Expert advice on energy efficiency

More sustainable companies are more competitive companies

  • Greater energy efficiency helps companies to reduce costs and lessen their environmental impact.

We want to help companies build a more sustainable future. Take a close looked at how we can help you.

  • 16.6 billion euros to boost Portugal's recovery

    The European Union has decided to strengthen the budget to boost Europe's economic and social recovery and growth. These funds are made available in Portugal through the RRP.

    BBVA helps you to calculate the potential stimulus your company may receive.

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In the fight against COVID-19, we are backing and expanding the economic aid approved by the Government. Learn about the exceptional and temporary measures pun in place to support the families and businesses affected by the current pandemic.

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