BBVA Group

About us

We are a Global Finance Group founded in 1857 that has always had a customer-focused perspective.

We are leaders in the Spanish market and the largest financial institution in Mexico. We are also leaders in South America and the Sunbelt region in the USA, and we are the majority shareholder of Garanti Bank in Turkey.

Our business is geared towards high-growth markets and sees technology as the key to competitiveness.

Corporate social responsibility is also an inherent part of our business model, and we promote social inclusion and financial education while also supporting research and culture. At BBVA we operate with the utmost integrity, with long-term vision and with best practices.

We have been present in Portugal since 1991.

But it only makes sense to mention our history and achievements if we talk about our customers and how they contribute immensely to our successful journey. A journey that reflects proximity and transparency in how we relate to our customers and clarity in how we communicate with them, as we strive to always provide solutions that meet their needs.

Our purpose

Putting the opportunities of this new era in everyone's hands

In a global context there are several factors that determine the success of the financial industry. The world is changing, and there are more and more new specialized players competing in the financial market to offer innovative products backed by transformative technologies that are opening up opportunities for consumers. Customer habits are changing, and customers become more demanding. This is especially true in the relationship with their bank, as they begin to value new services based on their needs.

They are permanently connected (they want to operate at any time, from anywhere) and use multiple devices and applications (attempting to operate using the most convenient channel). But beyond convenience and speed, they seek and value: security, transparency and trust in their relationship with their bank. They value excellence in service, with a focus on quality and customization in the level of personal attention offered by their bank.

It is for all these reasons that BBVA's main goalis to strengthen our relationship with customers, adjusting our value proposition and focusing entirely on their real needs.

We want to help people make the best financial and non-financial decisions by offering a clear, simple, transparent, tailored, prudent and trustworthy range of products and services. This, in turn, allows us to earn their trust!

It's about being available and offering easy solutions ⁠— with or without human intervention ⁠— so that you can quickly and autonomously make the best decisions. It means being by their side and having a positive impact on their life.

It's about being more than a bank. It's about being your bank.

BBVA. Creating Opportunities.

  • Since October 19, 2018, BBVA has been present in Portugal through a local branch.
  • BBVA Asset Management is a BBVA Group company that specializes in the management and administration of pension funds and is part of the group's asset management business division.
  • BBVA Seguros, S.A., Compañía de Seguros y Reaseguros, Portugal Branch, established in January 2002, is a BBVA Group company specializing in the management and administration of Life Insurance.

Code of conduct

Standards of behavior in line with our principles, as well as procedures to help us resolve questions and streamline fulfillment of our obligations. Approved by BBVA's Board of Directors on February 9, 2022.