Secure connection

At BBVA we are aware of the need to guarantee security in communications between the bank and its customers. This is why BBVA uses the most modern technologies to guarantee the confidentiality of all communications between the bank and customers. Transaction services operate through a secure server using SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer), activated whenever you log on to the service by phone. The server establishes a secure session, where the information exchanged is encrypted using 128-bit algorithms, and the result means that data are only intelligible to the customer's computer and the bank's secure server; thus, by using SSL protocol, we guarantee that:

  • Customers are sending their details to the BBVA server, and it will be impossible for any other entity to replace them.
  • Data are encrypted when sent between customers' computers and the BBVA server, preventing third parties from reading and/or manipulating them

You can verify that the link is made via a secure server, with these indicators:

  • Through the server address (URL), which starts with https://, instead of the usual http://
  • Through a small closed padlock, or an entire key, that appears on the bottom corner of web browser's screen