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Find out about BBVA Secure Email!

Log in as usual and try Secure Email. It's an easy-to-use, comprehensive and secure tool with new menus and features.

Everything to make your everyday finances even easier.

Save yourself time and hassle with Secure Email.

Get in touch with your adviser quicker

Use the Chat feature and you can send chat messages directly to your adviser, as well as send* and receive documents. All of this so you can be even closer to your bank.

Available in your personal area at or on the BBVA Mobile app.

*you can only send documents if you go to your personal area at

Sign your transactions with ease

Signing up for services and products is very easy.

To access the documentation we send you, you will need to enter a unique transaction confirmation code that you receive via SMS on your mobile phone. Then you just have to open all documents and validate your contract by entering your usual PIN number.

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All the information and documentation sent to you is easier to view and simple to sign.

Your contracting documents are organized more clearly, and before signing in you can see a summary of the operation you are undertaking. You can also view the status of the contract for your operations at any time.

After signing your operations, you can archive the contracts that we send you, allowing you to view them again in the future.

More practical

Whenever more than one signature is required for an operation, each of the parties may sign it through their home banking service at or a BBVA branch, at different times and places.