59+ Account

Advantages according to your type of pension

Receive your pension of at least €1,500 in your BBVA account and enjoy all the benefits.
(APR 15.7%)

Direct deposit your pension with us, for €400 or more, and find out all the advantages we have for you.

Receive your pension in your BBVA account and enjoy all the benefits

Using a BBVA 59+ Account to receive your pension of €1,500 or for a €2/month fee entitles you to the following services:

  • Access to the remote banking service of BBVA.pt and to our app BBVA Mobile;
  • Access to the BBVA Consigo service;
  • SEPA+ credit transfer, provided they are made online at BBVA.pt;
  • Requisition and delivery of crossed and customized checks (books of up to 10 checks), provided that they are requested online at BBVA.pt;
  • We also offer you a range of cards for the daily management of your account with maximum control:
    • A BBVA Agora debit card without fees for the first year;
    • A BBVA Antes reloadable debit card without fees;
    • A BBVA Depois Classic or BBVA Gold credit card without fees for the first year;

You can also benefit from an advance on your pension with an authorized overdraft for 100% of its net value (APR de 15.7%).

And to monitor and manage your account on a daily basis, you only have to access our BBVA.pt and BBVA Mobile digital channels and that way you'll have more time for yourself.

Take advantage. 

Please refer to the following documentation regarding the BBVA 59+ Account:
- Standardized Information Sheet
- Authorized Overdraft Information Sheet
- Fee Information Sheet

See also:
- Depositor Information Form
- Glossary

TAN de 11.65%, que corresponde a uma TAEG de 15.7%, para limite de descoberto autorizado no máximo de 15,000€, com pagamento mensal de juros no primeiro dia útil do mês seguinte. Example: para um descoberto de 1,500€, durante 90 dias, ao qual correspondem juros de 43.68€, a que acresce 1.74€ de imposto de selo, 9.54€ de Imposto sobre utilização de crédito, não sendo cobrados juros de montante inferior a 0.50€.

For more information contact the BBVA Helpline at 707 256 256 (+351 21 391 14 16 from abroad) available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 9 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 9 pm or talk to your account manager.