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Make plans for your retirement

And because saving is more and more important, planning your retirement with BBVA can be a lot more advantageous for you.

Start planning for your retirement, without needing to change your habits. Build your nest egg, saving little by little each month and prepare for a comfortable future.

Learn about the Retirement Solutions that we have for you here.

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My retirement

My retirement - Learn how to plan your retirement Learn how to plan your retirement.

My retirement

We move forward with you

We have changed our image, but our values and commitment remain the same.

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What you can do on each channel

Table of transactions and services for each channel Find out what you can do using the various BBVA Channels.

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Reforma Savings PlanBBVA Reforma Savings Plans

Supplement your retirement pension with a flexible long-term savings plan tailored to your needs.

Retirement Proteção Range BBVA Open pension funds

Find out about our open pension funds, an ideal complement for your retirement.