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  • COVID-19
    Don't go to the bank, stay home!
    Learn about the exceptional and temporary government measures that have been adopted to help families and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic
    Support to families and companies to overcome the challenges arising from the current epidemiological crisis
    No âmbito do Dec.- Lei n.º 20-F/2020 de 12.05 e da Norma Regulamentar n.º 8/2020-R, de 23.06, foi adotado um regime excecional e temporário relativo aos contratos de seguro. Conheça aqui as medidas adotadas para ajudar as famílias e as empresas durante a COVID-19.
  • Information
    Information on default on credit contracts and the extrajudicial support network.
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BBVA Consigo

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Pay at the pace that suits you best. Learn about the range and advantages of BBVA Cards.

Retirement Retirement

Build your retirement savings plan, fully adjusted to your profile and monthly budget.

BBVA Ordenado Domiciliação Account Ordenado Account – BBVA Portugal

Domicilie o seu ordenado/rendimento connosco e usufrua de uma conta cheia de vantagens.

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Soluções para jovens. Start planning your children's future today.

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Fundos de Investimento que se adaptam às suas necessidades.

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Assine e envie documentos de forma digital, sem vir ao banco.

Disponível no seu homebanking ou na app BBVA Mobile.


BBVA Consigo

BBVA Consigo

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BBVA Helpline

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BBVA Branches

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* Initial cost of €0.07 for the first minute and €0.0277/min during normal hours and €0.0084/min during business hours, for the following periods (billing per second) from any network. Amounts plus VAT at the current legal rate.
** Cost of €0.10 or €0.25 for fixed or mobile networks, respectively. Amounts plus VAT at the current legal rate.