Why BBVA Reforma retirement solutions?

Why save?

Create financial security

Saving for retirement is important in order to for us ensure a better future, but mainly because retirement is a time in our lives when we find ourselves in a more vulnerable situation than ever before.

On the one hand, it is more likely that certain limitations occur such as disease or situations of dependency. Thus, it is important to have some financial security from the outset.

And why BBVA Retirement Solutions?

A savings vehicle without having to change your habits

BBVA retirements solutions are a savings vehicle with no need to change your habits. Save little by little every month and secure a more comfortable future for your retirement

These solutions allow you to pay a very low initial investment and even periodic subscriptions so that your monthly budget does not become overloaded

By investing in BBVA Reforma Solutions, you'll benefit from a series of advantages, namely:

  • Active, flexible, and professional management of your savings by a team of experts, who have a greater capacity for analytics and monitoring of the markets (than an articulate investor), taking advantage of better prices with lower commissions.
  • Diversification of investment by assets, geographical regions, terms, etc., reducing the risk of the investment in a single asset.
  • Downgrading of the subscription is possible at any time.

BBVA Asset Management

The asset manager of the BBVA Group

BBVA Asset Management is the asset manager of the BBVA Group that manages global investment solutions. It guarantees that in each of the geographical areas in which it has a presence, BBVA customers will have access to the range of products that best suit their needs, with returns generated consistently and in a diversified manner and subject to risk control.

  • Considered a global leader in the world of asset management, with around 100 billion euros in assets under management.
  • Present in 8 countries and a team of more than 700 professionals.
  • More than 40 years of experience in asset management.

Details at 3.31.2020

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