Our values

BBVA, a cohesive and innovative financial institution that looks to the future, was created with the mission of financing people's dreams. That spirit continues to inspire us today and encourages us to transform people's lives by helping them make the best decisions to achieve their dreams. This mission is supported by our purpose: "Putting the opportunities of this new era in everyone's hands".

We want to share these values with you, as they make us strong and allow us to fulfill our purpose so that we can continue to create opportunities.

The customer comes first

At BBVA, we see our work from the point of view of our customers, incorporating their views into all the decisions we make and always putting their interests first.

We quickly meet the needs of our customers to overcome any obstacles that get in the way.

We think big

We want to impress our customers with the best solutions for unique experiences.

To achieve this, we set ambitious and aspirational challenges — by questioning everything, we find new ways of doing.

We are one team

At BBVA, we are committed both collectively and individually to the Group's objectives, taking on the bank's goals as our own.

We work as a single team, rely on our colleagues, and break down barriers between units and hierarchies.


It's about being more than a bank. It's about being your bank.
We want to help people make the best financial and non-financial decisions by offering a clear, simple, transparent, tailored, prudent, and trustworthy range of products and services. This, in turn, allows us to win their trust!

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