Portugal 2020

Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020

As it is one of the few regulated mechanisms available today for submitting proposals (even though these imply, as a rule, the prior publication of a call for proposals in order to take place), Portugal 2020 recently saw its implementing regulations extended until 2023 in order to ensure the allocation of its funds, which are still to be executed and should amount, as of today, to more than 11 billion euros. 

Portugal 2020 aims to achieve a meaningful set of strategic objectives aligned with smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth, and, accordingly, it is organized into several Thematic and Regional Operational Programs which seek to introduce more than 25 billion euros into the Portuguese economy between 2014 and 2020. 

In this context, the following programs stand out: 

(i) Human Capital;
(ii) Competitiveness and Internationalization;
(iii) Social Inclusion and Employment; and, lastly;
(iv) Sustainability and Efficient Use of Resources.

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  • A new paradigm of networking where companies, entities from the scientific and technological sector, educational institutions, and business associations work together to identify global and structural solutions for the economy, thus allowing access to RRP funds that are out of the reach of individual companies.


  • Portugal 2030
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    BBVA helps you to calculate the potential stimulus your company may receive.

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