Why Investment Funds?

A financial instrument at everyone's reach

Investment Funds are a financial instrument that allow small and medium investors to access international financial markets by building diversified portfolios with liquidity and costs that would otherwise be beyond the reach of individual clients.

The current economic cycle is characterized by major challenges to savings, which is the result of the contradiction between the increase in average life expectancy and very low interest rates. This contradiction causes investors' purchasing power to take a hit. In this sense, the complex combination of these factors makes Investment Funds an appropriate solution for clients seeking to obtain real returns in the medium/long term.


  • Risk diversification - Investment Funds invest in different assets, geographies, maturities, currencies, and more, reducing the risk when compared to investing in a single asset;
  • Professional Management - Investment Funds are managed by qualified professionals who monitor the financial markets, analyze trends, and identify the best investment opportunities;
  • Liquidity - liquidity is the ability to convert securities (units) into cash. Investment funds are instruments that have permanent liquidity (depending on the particular conditions of each fund);
  • Economies of scale - management entities, thanks to the high amounts under their management, have a negotiating power that allows them better conditions when carrying out operations, compared to individual investors;
  • Ease of access - available starting at low amounts and through occasional or regular subscriptions, Investment Funds are accessible to any investor, and their profitability is independent of the volume invested;
  • Regulation and Supervision - The Investment Fund market is regulated and supervised by entities that ensure compliance with the legal rules in force and guarantee the availability of quality information to the market (Portuguese Securities Market Commission - CMVM) in an effort to protect investors.


Investment Funds do not guarantee returns, and past results are no guarantee of future results.

This information does not exclude or exempt you from consulting the legal documentation to be provided before subscribing an Investment Fund, namely, the KIID, the Prospectus, the Specific Marketing Conditions and the Supplementary information document. Offering this information does not imply the provision of a tax advisory service or personalized investment advice, since no recommendation is made and your personal circumstances are not taken into account.