Digital Signature BBVA Account Opening

Opening a BBVA account is now easier!

You only have to sign once to open your BBVA account!

Easy, fast, and requires no paperwork.

Now when you open your BBVA Account, you only have to sign once to validate all the documents related to the process. You also leave the bank with no papers in hand.

Beforehand, you only need to sign the Signature Agreement.

It's very easy:

  1. Read the documents related to opening your account on your tablet.
  2. Sign once on the same tablet and that's it. Your signature is copied to all the documents;
  3. We will send you all the documents related to opening your account online so that they are easier to file!

And all this so that you have more time for yourself and for what really matters to you.

Take advantage and choose your BBVA account now.

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