PRR funds Advance Line

We anticipate the PRR funds that will be allocated to you so your projects don't have to wait.

  • Quick access up to 100% of the awarded grant. 
  • Reduce waiting times and take advantage of potential opportunities.
  • You can request the advance of the amount of the PRR, whether it has already been approved, or is still awaiting a response. 

Accelerate your project

Access the PRR Funds Advance Line
  • Time is an important resource
    When you apply for a public grant through the P\RR, it may take some time before you have the money available. We designed this loan so you don't have to wait, even if you still don't know the answer to your request.


Cost of accessing the PRR Funds Advance Line
  • Custom price

    Pricing is customized for each customer.

    Each project has different characteristics, so before we present you a price proposal, we analyze your project and your needs.

Terms and Conditions

What conditions will you have to meet to access the PRR Funds Advance Line
  • Access requirements

    You just need to:

    • Be a BBVA customer;
    • Have applied for a PPR grant. The grant does not already need to have been approved, the application just needs to have been submitted.

Do you need more information?


The conditions for accessing Next Generation EU funds are subject to the legal criteria defined by the European Union and/or the Portuguese Government.

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  • We finance the additional investment necessary for the PRR to implement your company's projects.

    • Maximum term up to 7 years.
    • With the possibility of choosing between fixed and variable interest rates.
    • Grace period of capital up to 3 years (during this period, you only pay interest).

What can BBVA do for you?

  • Calculation of the assistance to be received

    We provide you with complete information about the RRP and help your company to calculate the stimulus it is eligible to receive taking into account the suitability of your projects as regards the strategic axes of the RRP.
  • Collaboration

    Together with your company, we work out the necessary adjustments in your projects and investment in order to maximize the aid available in the Recovery and Resilience Plan 
  • Financial aid

    We sit with your company to study the all available financing to complement the RRP funds in the implementation of your investment projects.
  • 16.6 billion euros to boost Portugal's recovery

    The European Union has decided to strengthen the budget to boost Europe's economic and social recovery and growth. These funds are made available in Portugal via the RRP.

    BBVA helps you to calculate the potential stimulus your company may receive.