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International trade for companies

BBVA net cash

BBVA net cash - Remote banking for companies Adapted to the needs of your business.

BBVA net cash

BBVA Express

You no longer need to come into the bank. We go to you. You no longer need to come into the bank. We go to you.

BBVA Express

International coordination of companiesInternational coordination

For the international expansion of your company, our response fills the bill.

Clean and documentary remittances for companiesClean and documentary remittances

Reduce the commercial risk of your international activity.

External financing for companiesExternal financing

We support your business transactions: count on us to internationalize your business.

Credit Account for companiesLetters of credit

Guarantee the payments of your international activity.

Payments and collections for companies Payments and collections

Solutions for international payments and collections, adapted to your company's needs.

Guarantees and endorsements for companies Bank guarantees and endorsements

We assume the commitment of paying the operations of your company.

Market solutions for companies Market solutions

Solutions to minimize the risks of the international operations of your company.

Credit Account for companies Structured Trade Finance

Solutions developed globally that already incorporate the various markets and that can meet the needs of your company more quickly at both local and global level.