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In collaboration with APESEnergia*, we want to help your company in the transition to a more sustainable future.

Greater energy efficiency in your company's activity allows you to reduce costs and be more competitive.

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* Portuguese Association of Energy Service Companies

Carbon Footprint Calculation

By analyzing the data on the different types of energy consumed, we calculate your company's carbon footprint.
By calculating your carbon footprint, we help your company to determine the quantity of CO2 it emits in its daily activity, based on the analysis of consumption expenses for electricity, gas, fuel and other types of energy. Finding out this data is the first step toward implementing actions that will help your company to reduce energy consumption expenses and, at the same time, contribute to a better and more sustainable planet.  

Free, expert advice

We provide your company with free, expert energy advice

In collaboration with APESEnergia, we help your company to identify concrete measures it can take to reduce energy costs and improve its environmental impact. Through free, expert energy consultancy, BBVA customers are shown practical measures they can take to become more energy efficient and improve their bottom line. 

APESE - Portuguese Association of Energy Service Companies is a non-profit business association founded in April 2011 with the aim of promoting the development of the energy service energy industry in Portugal in terms of technology, regulations and good practices and contributing to Portugal's competitiveness in efficient energy use.


For the transition to a greener and fairer future
Take advantage of our financing solutions to help your company to advance with the investments it needs to implement more efficient energy measures

How do I begin?

The BBVA Adviser will ask you for the necessary information to calculate your company's energy consumption. You will receive a first assessment with possible measures that your company can take to improve its energy efficiency.
When you want to take an in-depth look at how to improve your company's energy consumption, BBVA facilitates contact with expert technical advisers in energy efficiency from APESEnergia, who will help your company determine the most suitable actions to take.
BBVA will open up several sustainable financing options for you, which will allow you to invest in improving your company's energy efficiency and reduce costs.

How we support companies

  • Investments in renewable energy

    Technology that produces energy for self-consumption with reduced emission of greenhouse gases.

    Example: Photovoltaic and thermal solar panels, biomass boilers, geothermal energy, and others.

  • Sustainable mobility

    Equipment or technology that enables mobility without the use of oil products.

    Example: Electric vehicles or machines. 

  • Investment in energy efficiency

    Practices or equipment that reduce energy consumption. 

    Example: Replacement of cooling/heating equipment, LED light bulbs, control and automation system, and others.

  • Promotion of the circular economy

    Measures that harness waste from your principal activity.

    Example: Machines or processes for recycling or transformation, among others.

More efficient companies are more competitive companies

Companies that have already seen success

To help a company reduce its costs, we calculate its carbon footprint (environmental impact) and identify, together with specialized technicians, the measures to be taken: 

  • With the installation of 1,230 solar panels (351 kWp) on the company's roof, the company started to produce its own energy and achieved significant monthly savings in operating costs.
  • It started to save, on average, close to EUR 42,790 annually and reduced the CO2 emissions of the company by 148 tonnes.
  • Thanks to these savings, the company was able to recover its investment of EUR 274,794 in six and a half years.

Other benefits of investing in energy efficiency

  • Protection against fluctuations in energy prices 
  • Compliance with new sustainability regulations
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions and global warming

BBVA Commitment 2025: the path of sustainability

The BBVA Group has been progressively aligning its activity with the Paris Agreement, the historic convention approved in 2015 by 195 countries that recommends measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions starting in 2020 and establishes goals and measures to decarbonize economies over the next three decades.


The amount of savings presented is an estimate and is based on published studies from several official sources using average data in the sector. They may diverge from the real values of the company. To determine the value of savings in real terms, the amortization period for the investments must be taken into account.

This document is not a binding offer or recommendation by BBVA for any product and/or service, nor does it replace or alter any pre-contractual and contractual documentation corresponding to the products and services that may be taken out. BBVA has a Collaboration Agreement with APESEnergia to provide preliminary energy advisory services, free of charge. The formalization of any financing transaction is subject to prior analysis and approval by BBVA. BBVA may require additional guarantees as a prerequisite for taking out any product. Campaign valid until 12/31/2024

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