e-commerce solutions

Payment gateway. Boost your company's online sales.

What is a payment gateway?

It is a tool aimed at online stores, which allows Customers to choose which payment method they prefer to make their purchases, and companies have access to information and services to manage their business.

What should you consider before choosing a payment gateway?

1. Define the e-commerce strategy

Direct selling and/or Marketplace
You need to choose which e-commerce strategy to adopt for your company, being able to opt for Direct Sales, through your own online store, or through a Marketplace.

2. Choose the right partners

The 2nd step is to choose a trustworthy partner that provides secure solutions that can be easily integrated with the most used e-commerce systems on the market. Through BBVA you can have access to two payment gateway solutions: BBVA Gateway and easypay.
  • Discover the BBVA gateway that will allow your customers to choose between several payment methods, and your company to have access to business information in real time. 

    • Omnichannel payment management back office
    • Return of Service Payment References
  • Discover the easypay gateway that will offer your Customers several payment methods, and your company several tools to manage your online business.

    • Split Payments
    • Easypay Now