Empresa Demand Deposit Account

An account full of benefits for the day-to-day management of your company.

The ideal solution for managing your company's day-to-day business

The BBVA Demand Deposit Account for companies can be opened in Euros or a foreign currency and allows you to access different solutions to support the progress of your projects. 
  • Through BBVA Digital Channels for companies you can manage and monitor your accounts, wherever you are.  
  • With BBVA cash-pooling solutions you will also optimize your cash flow by centralizing all balances in a single demand deposit account.

Simplify your company's day-to-day

Use BBVA Net Cash, our online banking for companies

  • Consult the balance and transactions of your company's current accounts
  • Make or schedule your payments and transfers 
  • Configure the alerts you want to receive on your cell phone/email
  • Other day-to-day operations

Become a BBVA customer

Discover all the advantages that BBVA has for you

  • At BBVA we want to help your company go further with the best financing solutions.
  • We invest in digital innovation and work to make your life a little easier.
  • We work transparently, clearly, and responsibly with a focus on your success.


See how to open the Empresa Demand Deposit Account.
  • Documentation needed to open the Empresa Demand Deposit Account

    Empresa Demand Deposit Account

    • Deed of incorporation or amendment of the company or its publication in the Official Gazette. 
    • The documentation required to open an account must be original or a faithful copy of it. Faithful copies are copies authenticated by a notary, lawyer, or any BBVA Branch. 
    • Minimum deposit of €750.00 (seven hundred and fifty euros).


See the inherent costs of the Empresa Demand Deposit Account.
  • Account Maintenance Fee
    • Customer Network of Commercial Banking Branches*
      Fixed annual amount of EUR 240.00 (two hundred and forty euros) will be due, charged monthly at EUR 20.00 (twenty euros), as well as the respective Stamp Tax at the rate of 4%. 
    • Customer Network of Corporate and Business Banking or Network of Global Customers*
      Fixed annual amount of EUR 300.00 (three hundred euros) will be due, charged monthly at EUR 25.00 (twenty-five euros), as well as the respective Stamp Tax at the rate of 4%. 
    Credit Overrunning
    • Credit overrunning must be accepted by the Bank. In case of acceptance, the rate to be applied will be 29% (APR), with quarterly payment of interest. Interest won't be charged on amounts that are less than €0.50 (fifty cents).
    • 2% commission (with a minimum of 25 euros) on the largest monthly debt balance.
    • Applicable Stamp Duty:
      • i) at the rate of 0.04% on the monthly average obtained from the sum of outstanding balances calculated daily, throughout the month, divided by 30;
      • ii) at the rate of 4% on the value of interest and commissions.


See all the documentation concerning the BBVA Empresa Demand Account.
*Customer Network

The Bank reserves the right to allocate Customer Management to one of the Networks, subject to compliance with the applicable legal and prudential requirements.

Sign up for BBVA Express and simplify the day-to-day of your company. It is a direct channel with the bank that facilitates your day-to-day and ensures the effective management of your company.

Ask BBVA, on an individual basis, which tasks you wish to fall under the account change service and the date they are to be performed.

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