Payments and collections

Streamline your international payments and collections.

Send payments anywhere in the world.

  • Make your payments conveniently and safely through our digital channels.
  • In some countries we can credit the beneficiary's account on the same day. 

Your payments inside and outside the SEPA zone


    Transfers made within the SEPA zone in Euros. These payments are no different from domestic payments.

    See the SEPA zone countries

    You can also use your BBVA account to pay in different currencies to the Euro, or to transfer money to countries outside the SEPA zone. In these cases you can negotiate the exchange rate

An international network of banks

    BBVA is one of the largest financial groups in the world and has a presence in many countries.This allows for streamlined procedures in many international operations.
    We also have an extensive network of correspondent banks. These banks act as our intermediaries in countries where we have no direct presence and allow us to help companies all around the world.
You can make international payments in euros, or in your supplier's currency.

Negotiation of international checks

  • If your company receives payments from its overseas commercial partners by cheque, BBVA can help you to charge it. By negotiating international cheques, BBVA credits the value of this receipt method in advance and collects the respective amounts upon expiry. If you decide to only charge the cheque on its expiry date, BBVA will credit your company's account with the amount charged abroad, with a deferred value date, which varies according to the conditions contracted with the currency/country correspondent.

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