Short term financing

Products adapted to the needs of your company

  • Loans granted for a specific purpose and a maximum term of one year and single use. These loans can be taken out with a variable rate or fixed rate. 
  • Turn your credit sales into cash sales.

    Collect the receivables that other companies owe you in advance.

  • We handle your payments to suppliers. If you want, you can give them the option to receive their invoices in advance and benefit from commercial advantages. 
  • Financing to meet your needs concerning cash flow, purchasing of goods, and payments to suppliers, among others. This account can be operated through BBVA Net Cash.


  • Authorized overdraft limit associated with your company's Demand Deposit Account. The use of this credit line is executed by debiting the associated Demand Deposit account. 
  • Credit line umbrella allowing customers to receive loans for a  fixed term, with a maximum of 120 days.  These loans are available immediately and have a fixed interest rate
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