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How to start using the BBVA Net Cash app

1. Download the app from the App Store (for iOS) or Play Store (for Android) and start operating with the user codes that you use on the web version, without having to sign an additional contract

2. To start signing operations, just activate your mobile token, which is integrated in the app. See how easy it is to do it here

How to sign operations using the BBVA Net Cash app

Most frequent features of the BBVA Net Cash app

Access conveniently using the Net Cash app.
  • Consult the transactions in your company's current account, held at BBVA;
  • Sign domestic and international transfers previously entered in BBVA Net Cash;
  • Parameterize the alerts you want to receive on your mobile phone and/or email however you like;
  • Perform other tasks such as confirming user administration operations.

Sign your operations using the BBVA Net Cash app

It's easy, fast, and 100% secure:
  1. Access the BBVA Net Cash app using your usual codes;
  2. Choose the option <Signatures and files> from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select your pending transactions and sign them, without needing to include any additional code (your token is already integrated in the app).

If you carried out your operations through the app version, you can sign them directly in the application.

Or, if you prefer, sign your operations on the website.

  1. When performing an operation on the app, you will be asked for a code that you must generate on your BBVA Net Cash app (mobile token).
  2. To generate the code, select <Generate security code> on the login screen, without having to enter the app.
  3. Enter the operation identification code that appears on the screen where you loaded the operation to generate the security code.
  4. The app automatically generates the code you need to sign your operation on the website.

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