Mobile token: activation and unblocking

Activate the token on your smartphone

Follow these simple steps:

The security device or mobile token you need to sign operations can be activated in the BBVA Net Cash app.

  • After installing the BBVA Net Cash app, enter the login password you use on the web version.
  • The system will automatically detect that the mobile token is pending activation and will guide you through the process.
  • In just two steps, you will be able to sign transactions with your mobile token:
    • Enter the activation code so that we can send it to you via SMS (to the mobile phone number you have registered with BBVA Net Cash).
    • Assign it a name for easy identification (if you have access to different references from BBVA Net Cash, the app allows you to have several tokens on the same phone). Remember this name, because you will need it whenever you are signing operations.

Why is it important?

Because it is doubly protected

Logging in to BBVA Net Cash Electronic Banking involves a two-factor authentication system. As such, the system will ask you to enter a code generated by your security device (mobile token), which you previously activated through the app:

  • When logging in, every 90 days.
  • When consulting <Balances and transactions> after 90 days.
  • When signing operations and validating the user's circuit.


Authorizing operations on the app is simpler, as the token is integrated into the application you are using.

Unblocking the mobile token

We will help you retrieve it

We will help you retrieve it

If you try to sign an operation and Net Cash informs you that your mobile token is blocked for exceeding the permitted attempts, please contact customer service on 808 507 777. We will help you unblock it.

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